A Perfect Fit

Olde Tyme Marketplace offers blend of vintage, rustic

Owner Lewis found her niche in Madison, Ind.,
after a major move

(June 2021) – When she was just 19 years old, entrepreneur Beth Lewis decided to take on a risky venture and bought a small, side street shop in Ohio that sold vintage wares, wooden cutouts and knick knacks. Little could she imagine that a few decades later, she would be the proud owner Madison, Ind., Olde Tyme Marketplace, located at 801 W. Main St. It is a 5,000-square-foot warehouse of vintage and farmhouse rustic products that brings tourists from across the nation to shop.
Olde Tyme Marketplace features a blend of clothing, jewelry and live plants, Amish-made pantry goods, vintage and rustic farmhouse products and so much more with a price range that will appeal to everyone. The business has a robust online shopping department for those who are unable to experience the brick and mortar shopping.
“There is something here for everyone,” said Lewis, 52, who moved to Madison with husband, Ross, three years ago to open the store. “We knew as soon as we visited that Madison would be the perfect fit for Olde Tyme Marketplace.”


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Beth Lewis poses outside her Madison, Ind., store.

Linda Pettit, a Madison resident and retiree, has been a regular client of Olde Tyme Marketplace in Madison. She said she was walking down Main Street when she saw Lewis on her first day open moving products into her original location, a small space inside The Little Golden Fox at 602 W. Main St. “I loved everything from the start,” said Pettit. “I’ve been visiting regularly since the day they opened, and I always find something I want. The atmosphere of the store and the excellent and personable customer service keeps me coming back weekly for more.”
Lewis began her career by creating a seasonal pop-up show, called Olde Tyme Christmas, at her parents’ farm in northeastern Ohio. She felt the name, Olde Tyme Marketplace, was the perfect extension of that growing business. She worked for many years designing products for retailers and expanding her own business, including offering home parties and doing the circuit of industry shows for more than a decade.
In 2007, after outgrowing her original side-street business, she relocated to Marshville, N.C., where she bought a building on White Street that was the general store in the 1985 film “The Color Purple,” starring Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey.
At that location, she saw much success, and by that time, she had begun to delve into social media marketing, had collected a huge online following and had begun shipping her products across the continent. “The importance of social media marketing for a business simply cannot be emphasized,” said Lewis. “I would go to shows and invite people to follow us on Instagram or Facebook. I’d do giveaways and flash sales.”
Today, Olde Tyme Marketplace has almost 200,000 followers on its social media platforms, and many of those followers have now come to Madison to visit and shop.  
By this time, Lewis realized her business had grown out of its Marshville location, and thanks to Madison’s Cara Fox, owner of The Little Golden Fox, it wasn’t long before she knew Madison would be the ideal location to grow.
“Cara and I became friends when we worked shows together,” said Lewis. “After actually seeing our Marshville site, Cara insisted Madison would be perfect for us and invited us to visit. I actually said ‘no’ at the thought of moving at first.”
“I was totally impressed by her presentation and her knowledge,” said Fox. “I fell in love with her store, and she had made a name for herself in the antiques/vintage marketplace.”
When Lewis did decide to visit, Fox arranged a welcome dinner that included city hall, Madison Main Street Program and Madison Area Chamber of Commerce officials. “Beth has great skill and knowledge in design, marketplace and marketing. She brings people to Madison through her followers. She is a great asset to her community,” said Fox. “I knew she needed to be here.”
Impressed by the level of cooperation and collaboration in the community, Lewis packed up her storehouse and moved. “We were immediately taken with Main Street because people were walking everywhere. There was lots of foot traffic, which puts more eyes on the business,” she said.
Currently, Lewis volunteers as the Madison Main Street Program Promotions Chairperson. “One reason we moved is because we understand the value of having an active Main Street Program. She said she hopes to use her experience as a social media influencer in her niche to help other local businesses grow and prosper.

• For more information, visit the website www.Oldetymemarketplace.com or call (704) 942-6258.


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