Dupont hunter finds career in film

Clerkin travels on location
to make hunting videos

By Amy D. Evans
Contributing Writer

DUPONT, Ind. (December 2004) – Mike Clerkin of Dupont, Ind., began hunting when he was 9 years old, and for the past 41/2 years he has been fulfilling a promise. Clerkin has a passion for the outdoors and by making hunting videos, he believes that what he films can inspire people to do more than just hunt.

Violet Jennings

Photo by Amy D. Evans

Mike Clerkin with some
of his hunting videos.

Clerkin works for Majestic Electric in North Vernon as his regular job, but he spends much of his non-working time on the road. He is leaving soon for New Mexico to film an Elk Hunt.
His schedule is usually one week home and one week away. His company has allowed him to take as much time off as needed to continue his success.
Clerkin’s passion for the outdoors started when he was a young boy when his grandfather would take him fishing. His grandfather’s zeal for the outdoors rubbed off onto him.
Clerkin’s mother, Ida Clerkin, was diagnosed with cancer and was terminal. At the time, Clerkin was restoring a house and found it hard to visit his mother as much as he wanted. Before she died, he promised her that he would not quit trying to be successful at filming hunting videos.
Relying on his mother’s faith in him to succeed, Clerkin began to work on his aspiration with the help of his wife, Robin, and their two children, Aaron and Sarah.
At first, he came to a dead end, but not without hope. There was a time when it seemed like all the calls they were making were doing no good at all.
But with a little networking, Clerkin began to see doors open. A year ago, he filmed a demo tape and sent it to five video production companies, and every one of them called him back. They realized that this man had a passion for the outdoors that could not be captured by words.
The weekly travel to capture his passion on video has been hard on his family.
“With everything comes sacrifice,” Robin Clerkin said.
Now Clerkin films videos for three companies, including North American Whitetails, Hunter Specialties and Realtree. These films are available for purchase at Wal-Mart. A few titles included “Carlton’s Calls,” “Primetime Bulls 2,” “Primetime Bucks 7,” “HS Strut,” “Cutt’n & Strutt’n 7,” and “Monster Bucks XI.”
By filming for three different companies, Clerkin has more variety in his subject matter, since each company produces different hunts. Most people with Clerkin’s job film for only one company.
All his hard work has paid off for him and his family. When asked about his goals, he replied, “I can’t say, because Robin will be mad.”
On a serious note, he said he was mostly concerned about how his new venture will affect his family. He started doing this for his family and has always kept them in mind.

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