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New Bourbon & Bird Dogs shop offers trendy styles in a historic setting

Partners Lynch, Joslin combine their
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Approaching the entrance to the new gentleman’s boutique Bourbon & Bird Dogs at 215 E. Main St. in Madison, Ind., is much like taking a step back in time. In keeping with its classy clothing, Bourbon & Bird Dogs is nestled inside the elegant and historical building that was once home to Madison Bank and Trust Co. However, not only will you find remnants of a time gone by, you will also find some of the latest trends from across the nation, each aspect maintaining the essence of a southern gentleman.
Within the shop you can find pieces from places like Atlanta, Chicago and Charleston, S.C. These items are collected by owners Steven Joslin and Katherine Lynch, both on personal travels and on specific sourcing trips and include everything from furnishings and some jewelry to the all important men’s outerwear and blue jeans.

Photo by Sierra Moore

Bobo the dog relaxes in Bourbon & Bird Dogs gentlemen’s boutique, which is full of clothing displays.

“We’re a men’s store, but women have some options as well. They need something to look at, too,” said Lynch.
Which is why you don’t have to look far to find comfortable, homey seating in the same fabrics that you might find for a blazer. From the seating, to the name, to the curation of items within the shop, every part works together to create what Joslin calls an experience.
“What we’re doing, what all of Main Street is doing – these are experiences that you can’t get anywhere else. That’s something that’s significant to Madison,” said Joslin. “It’s nice that people from Chicago and Indianapolis who have lots of choices can be just as pleased with the shop as with anything they might have there.”
When Lynch and husband, Scott Lynch of F.C. Tucker and Scott Lynch Realty Group, found themselves owning the historic Madison bank building, they quickly made use of the top floor as an office but couldn’t find the perfect business for the first floor until they started considering what Madison was missing.
“It was really just assessing the needs of the community,” said Kathy Lynch. “We had this great space available to us, and we were kind of thinking about what Madison needs and what Main Street needs, and this is what we came up with.”
Having worked together for more than 10 years – Lynch as a real estate agent and Joslin as an interior designer, the duo quickly and naturally came together as a team for the business. “I immediately thought of working together (with Steve),” said Lynch. “He’s stylish, debonair, has a natural proclivity for making things look good, and so I immediately thought of him. He’s so good with people, and he has lots of experience.”
Once the team was formed and the idea decided upon, they started with renovating the space and finding the right brands to fit their vision. Joslin noted that the lines that are carried in the shop were all put together with respect to what they as individuals like.
Lynch added, “We have casual (clothes), but we’re not the urban style. More traditional style. Men are so easy to please and work with. Their fashion is almost timeless. We focus on high quality because they keep the same clothes season after season. So when we curated our collection and picked our brands, they were brands that we already knew and that were high quality.”
Another part of the experience that is Bourbon and Bird Dogs is the team themselves. “We don’t consider ourselves as salespeople; we’re more like stylists,” said Joslin. “We don’t care if you come in to shop. We want you to come in and visit with us. Let us know what’s going on. That’s something that from a business standpoint gets missed. I love it when people come in, certainly to see what is new, but just to catch us up on their lives.”
Whether you want to chat about life or styling choices, at Bourbon and Bird Dogs you can be custom fitted with the help of a seamstress at no additional charge. And if you feel more comfortable, you can even arrange for a private shopping experience to focus on your individual needs. Not everyone is the same size, and Joslin and Lynch want each person to feel good about what they purchase.
“We’re trying to set a standard of living for people, and we’re doing that,” said Joslin.
That’s a sentiment that local business owner Rick McGee of Yancy Professional Travel expressed wholeheartedly. “I am in the service business, and I always like to look sharp, and they have clothes for men that you just can’t find anywhere. I think that they sell a very high quality line at fair prices, and their customer service is outstanding. I cannot complain. They have seamstress services for free, and the clothes come back quickly,” said McGee.

• Learn more by calling (812) 801-5534 or visit their website: www.Bourbonbirddogs.com.

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