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Madison Gymnastics World owners to open X-Treme recreation facility

Expansion to feature rock climbing, zip line and more

(September 2018) – Madison Gymnastics World at 775 Scott Ct. in Madison, Ind., is extending its premises with a new extension to the building for its Madison Gymnastics World X-Treme. The new recreational building will be adding more fun activities for member and non-members. A groundbreaking ceremony was held Aug. 15.
Madison Gymnastics World has been around since 1980 when Paul Kemp, founder of MGW, kept driving his daughter, Stephanie, an hour, three or four times a week, to go to gymnastics. He then decided Madison needed a gym of its own. In 1998, Stephanie Kemp took over the ownership of MGW. In 2000, they built the building in which they currently reside.
“My father is an entrepreneur. He is really good with his hands and new innovations,” Stephanie said. “He felt like the equipment wasn’t where he wanted it to be, and the organization wasn’t quite what he thought it could be, so he opened a gym school in Madison, Indiana.”

Photo by Patti Watson

Madison Gymnastics World co-owner Stephanie Kemp poses inside her gym in Madison, Ind.

This new facility, Madison Gymnastics World X-Treme, will include a rock-climbing wall, air tumbling track, American Ninja Warrior obstacles, zip line, peg wall and more trampolines. It is scheduled to open in October.
“It’s been in the back of my mind for a long time, and I wanted our business to grow, and I wanted to provide a new face in order for people to get interested in coming,” Stephanie said. “We wanted to expand our programs that we offer. We are going to do a lot of clientele and have a drop in, open gym option.”
MGW doesn’t just do “members only” classes; it has open gym as well, which are currently held on Fridays and Saturdays. Kemp’s plans are to have open gym every day in the new facility, and she wants to incorporate an after school program.
“I was going to work with the school administration office to try to get a busing program that comes here and do an after school program where people just pay a weekly fee and pick up their kids here at 5 when they get off work. Once their homework is done, they can go play in that new facility. It’s a win-win. Kids are getting physical education and helping parents for affordable childcare,” Kemp said.
One thing that is unique about MGW verses other gymnastics facilities is that it has “Midwest Gym Supply” connected to the back of the gym. Paul Kemp owns the facility, which refurbishes old equipment and sets up competitions for gymnasiums all around the country.
“Brand new equipment is super expensive, so he couldn’t afford that for the new gym he founded. He started buying up used equipment and reconditioning it, refurbishing it and updating it,” Stephanie explained. “All of a sudden, there were all these clubs that couldn’t afford new equipment, and they started sending him their old equipment. He started refurbishing them, and that’s how it all started.”
Not only are they adding this new recreational building, but they will be providing more classes that will be available to a variety of people. They will have rock climbing classes, tumbling classes, trampoline classes, Ninja Warrior classes. Most of these classes will be available to adults as well. 
“All my staff is safety certified and all background checked. We all do continuing education through safe sport. They are always on their A-game, knowing child development, and the do’s and don’ts. People feel like they can trust their kids here.”
Having more available space for the members and the competitive gymnastics teams will really put a big impact on the facility, she said.
“If you’re going to be a competitive gymnast, you’re going to be in the gym 15-25 hours a week, year-round. A lot of people love gymnastics but love other sports, too. So we wanted to provide more. We are known as a strong competitive program, and I thought we couldn’t break that barrier without people knowing we still do recreational things, too. We just want to go all in and do a recreational type of facility so we can draw and provide an area for kids to do all different type of fitness things,” Kemp said.
“It’s a legacy for my children and my family to provide fitness and a gymnastics type of arena for Jefferson County and the surrounding counties,” Kemp said.

• For more information, call Madison Gymnastics World at (812) 273-6733.

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