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(September 209) – At first glance it may seem odd for a man who spent years in California developing Old World inspired painting techniques used on the homes of some of the richest people in the world to be working on a breakout country album. But when one looks at the childhood of Doni Flanigan, suddenly it all makes perfect sense.
The designer and singer’s architectural and musical talents can both be traced to the influence of his Indiana upbringing. “I grew up with a talented Mom and Dad – both master artists,” he says proudly.

Doni Flanigan

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Country singer Doni Flanigan is
also a professional interior
designer and has spent years
perfecting his skills.

As a child, his father renovated their family home after taking Flanigan and his siblings on tours of historic houses, looking for inspiration in the architecture. The children jokingly termed the old buildings visited on these outings “haunted houses,” but the result of these excursions was a home that turned out to be the envy of the community. But old houses weren’t the only places visited by the young Flanigan as this “preacher’s kid” toured the country singing gospel music with his brothers and sisters. “I love how I was raised,” says Flanigan.
Madison was recently treated to a performance by Flanigan when he sang the National Anthem for the opening of the Madison Regatta. He is currently putting the finishing touches on his upcoming country music CD, “Doni Flanigan, American Cowboy.”
“It’s 55 minutes into the hour of completion,” Lavel Berry, president of Centurion Entertainment, says of the upcoming release. Flanigan has 26 songs recorded and is in the midst of selecting the 12 that will appear on the album. For those who can’t wait for the official release of “American Cowboy,” Berry suggests, “If they’d they like to hear it immediately, they can go online at myspace.com/doniflanigan.”
Flanigan regularly performs in Los Angeles and has gained an enthusiastic fan base out West. “We’ve got great ballads, great dance tunes, something for every country audience and that’s a great thing,” the singer says.
Flanigan looks eagerly to the future and the release of “American Cowboy.”
“It’s going to take America by storm, the songs are pure,” he says with confidence.
When not perfecting his music, Flanigan is busy applying his professional talents to his beloved Flanigan Estate home in Madison. After being encouraged to visit Madison by friends who knew of his appreciation of historic houses, Flanigan made his great discovery.
“I drove up Michigan Hill, and I was like, ‘This is my house.’ “ Faced with a structure that that had been uninhabited for 11 years and was falling apart, Flanigan’s reaction was, “Man, I can do this!”
Such confidence was not an idle boast. Flanigan has spent years in professional interior design and has made a special study of Greek Revival color tones. His designs and painting techniques have attracted worldwide attention, from Hollywood stars to Dubai millionaires. The designer plans to share his talents in such a way that will allow people to develop and express their own artistic dreams. Flannigan is working on developing a series of instructional videos that will teach painting and restoration techniques to those interested in re-doing their own homes. “In American history there has never been a more ‘I can do this’ attitude,’ ” he says.
Now after seven years of work, his Madison home stands as a dazzling Old World showpiece with walls elegantly stenciled in Flanigan’s own designs. He reflects on the home’s transformation saying, “At night when the lights are down, winter when the fireplaces are going there’s nothing like it.”
Flanigan is not content to keep the results of this labor of love all to himself. Already, the Flanigan Estate has been opened to the public as part of the community Christmas tours, amazing guests. Recently, the house served as the backdrop for a Mayor’s Luncheon with guests enjoying the lovely views around the property. Now Flanigan is making the home available for rental to those looking for a special place for a wedding reception or a romantic weekend getaway.
Flanigan also aims to have the Michigan Hill house to play a starring role in his music career. The singers is considering plans to “shoot my video on the front porch and have a concert on the front lawn.”
When “American Cowboy” is released, Flanigan says, “I really want to have a big bash right here in Madison.”

• For information on the Flanigan Estate, call (513) 207-6571.

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