Tri-Kappa Tour of Homes

Hall house will give its visitors
a unique view of downtown living

By Michella M. Marino
Contributing Writer

(October 2006) – Not many people can boast of having a full-size gymnasium in their house, a garage the size of a small grocery store, or the main offices to their family-run business less than 15 feet from their front door. Phillip and Joan Hall of 416 Jefferson St., in Madison can, but they most certainly would not because they’re not that type of people.

Tri-Kappa Armory

Photo by Don Ward

Phillip and Joan Hall live in
the former Armory, which contains
a full-size gymnasium.

What they do admit to is having a wonderful setup that allows them to see their children and grandchildren almost everyday.
The Halls, whose home will be one of eight houses featured on this month’s Tri-Kappa Tour of Homes, purchased the building in 2000. They have resided in Madison since 1971 but usually spent their winters – and sometimes even whole years – in Arizona or Florida. However, the couple sold all their out of state properties a year and a half ago to remain close to their family in Madison.
Their establishment is the former National Guard Armory that had sat unoccupied for 30 years until they purchased it. The building was constructed in 1920 with the gymnasium and garage-storage area in the back being added on later the same decade. The old Armory building shifted hands over the years from the state to the city to the county to finally the River Valley Financial Bank.
“Everybody wanted to do something with it, but no one ever did,” Hall said.
By the time the property became the Hall’s, it was in pretty bad shape. There were holes in the ceiling and pigeon droppings littering the gym floor.

Tri-Kappa Logo

Homes on the Tour

• Wayne and Lora Belue, 417 W. Main St.
• Don and Patricia Coleman-Vecchie, 714 W. Second St.
• Brian and Stacey Fitzpatrick, 204 W. Third St.
• Phillip and Joan Hall, 416 Jefferson St.
• Dorothy Jones, 413 W. Main St.
• Paul and Holly Robinson, 614 W. Main St.
• Bob and Pam Schoenstein, 523 Walnut St.
• Sally Wurtz, 508 Jefferson St.
• Advanced Tickets: $12 adults, $5 (ages 2-10). Must purchase before Oct. 13, either via mail or at the Madison Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, 601 W. First St. Day of tour: $15 adults, $6 children.
• Information: 1-800-559-2956 or (812) 265-2956.

The building has been extensively renovated by the Halls and their family. They have made it into what Phillip Hall describes as a “livable, functionable and usable” space. The Halls put a new roof on the building, redid the gymnasium floor and the stairway leading up to it, constructed beautiful cabinetry, replaced the old windows, retiled the floors and added the classy green canopies to the street side of the building, to name some of the changes.

The building belongs to PCM Properties Inc., which is the corporation Phillip Hall owns with his two sons. PCM Properties owns a number of laundromats in Indiana and Kentucky along with various real estate ventures.
The Halls live in one section of the enormous building that has been transformed into an elaborate yet homey apartment. Joan Hall’s favorite room is the living room with its original brick walls, but also the kitchen that was created when they renovated the building.
Undoubtedly, the gymnasium is a neat aspect of their home, but they are not the only ones who benefit from it. The Halls’ grandchildren attend Pope John and Shawe Memorial Catholic schools, and the Halls allow the private school system to use their gym at their own leisure for their sports programs since gym space is limited at the school.

The Halls said the gym is used for basketball, volleyball and cheerleading practice, along with weight lifting. It is common for the two to walk through their garage and hear the sound of dribbling basketballs overhead. They are glad to share the use of their facilities with the school, and it’s another way for them to see their athletic grandkids more often.

Hall House

Photo by Michella Marino

The Halls’ house on Jefferson Street
has abundant space, including
this sitting area in the den.

The lobby, apartment and gym doors of the Halls’ home will be open to the Tri-Kappa Tour of Homes from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Oct. 13-14; and from noon to 5 p.m. Sunday Oct. 15. The Shoenstein, Wurtz, Belue, Coleman-Vecchie, Fitzpatrick, Jones and Robinson homes will also be featured on the tour.
Sherry Craig, Tri Kappa sorority’s publicity chair, explained that a selection committee consisting of eight member looks at various local homes to choose neat and interesting ones for the tour. The committee generally tries to pick houses that have not been featured previously, so tour-goers aren’t seeing the same homes repeatedly.
According to their website, the Beta Omega chapter of the Tri Kappa organization has been an active chapter since 1921. Craig said the Tour of Homes is the oldest program that the local chapter is still involved with and according to their research, dates back to the 1950s. The original purpose for the biennial tour was the same a half century ago as it is today: to raise money for local scholarships and their philanthropies.
The tour generally grosses $20,000, and 80 percent of the money goes to scholarships provided to 10-15 high school seniors. The other 20 percent to 30 percent is donated to various charities.

• To purchase tour tickets, call the Madison Area Convention and Visitors Bureau at 1-800-559-2956 or (812) 265-2956 or visit Tri Kappa’s website at: www.trikappatourofhomes.com.

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