Muzzleloaders Made Easy

Eminence's Mel Wright markets
gun cleaning invention from Henry Co.

By Helen E. McKinney
Contributing Writer

EMINENCE, Ky. (Sept. 2002) – An estimated 6 million people hunt with muzzleloaders.
Melvin Wright of Pleasureville, Ky., is one of those hunters. He developed a muzzleloading product that John Hoffman of Pendleton believed in. Along with Hoffman’s wife, Terry, the trio has turned their ideas into a marketing success.
A booming demand for a muzzleloading cleaning product led Hoffman and Wright to distribute their Old Kentucky Two-Ball Cleaner on a local scale to Wal-Mart, Cook’s Pharmacy in Eminence and area hunting stores. Wright has worked at Cook’s for 20 years.

Mel Wright

Mel Wright with his display

Hoffman said Wright invented the formula, and they pursued a patent. At first they began to sell the product on a smaller scale, setting up a booth at Drennon Days in New Castle to get some attention.
Then their big break came in 1998 at a trade show in Atlanta. Hoffman said this four-day show was “one of the largest trade shows in the country.”
The show was only open to dealers, so the trio took a chance at setting up a booth and providing a demonstration on their product. The best they hoped for was some positive reaction to their product, if the demonstration went off without a hitch.
They were approached by a scout from Remington Inc., and asked to consider letting Remington market their bore cleaner nationally under the Remington name.
Six months later, Hoffman said they heard from Remington. Remington now distributes the product under a private label with the name Vortex. Big-name hunting suppliers, such as Cabela’s and Bass Pro, sell it. Locally, the bore cleaner kept its marketing name of Old Kentucky Two-Ball Solution.
When Wright first devised this bore cleaner, he said there was, “nothing out there to clean muzzleloaders, other than soap and water.”
This latter cleaning method is slow and is one that can actually damage the bore if not done correctly. The alternative, modern cleaning solvents, usually do a poor job of combating the rust and corrosion prevalent with blackpowder.
Having hunted with a muzzleloader for years, Wright knew exactly what he was looking for in a cleaner.
“Old Kentucky Two-Ball Solution is a cleaner that completely removes and clarifies all blackpowder and Pyrodex fouling while leaving that all-important seasoning in the bore,” he said.
Wright said he was looking for a cleaner that was compatible with this seasoning process. Blackpowder barrel steel is similar to cast-iron skillets, which when used years ago, where rubbed with grease and then heated to “season” them. Once washed with detergent, the skillets would rust and become useless.
Hoffman and Wright stand behind their product, guaranteeing satisfaction or your money back. One of the best things about their product is the fact that it is reusable for up to eight to 10 times, said Hoffman.
Terry Hoffman said people who have tried their bore cleaner keep coming back. “Melvin’s a creative guy,” she said.
Hoffman and Wright also manufacture a conical bullet, which Wright hand casts one at a time. The Accu-Check hunting bullet is available in .50 or .54 caliber. Wright has taken muzzleloading to a whole new level with this development.
Terry said he has designed a “bullet that will appeal to anyone’s needs.” This unique bullet comes in three different types for the inline shooter.
“A lot of people like sabots,” said Terry, so their bore solution is also designed to eliminate sabot leftovers. Also on the market is their Accu-Lite bullet, which is a lighter version of the Accu-Check, designed to duplicate the most popular sabot weights without the problems sabots can cause.
After five years in the business, Wright said their product was, “Absolutely the most accurate on the market.”
Wright is a gunsmith, a trade handed down to him from his father. It took him a long time to learn how to make bullets, so each bullet he makes has to meet his own required specifications. Numerous tests have been performed on his bullets to make sure they can shoot in almost any barrel.
“Until Melvin’s happy with a product, it doesn’t get released,” Terry said.
She has created a website to provide information and for easy purchase of their products at: www.hoffman-wright.com.

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